Floor Sawing

Concrete saw cutting is a method of concrete sawing, used to cut large flat surfaces of concrete such as motorways and runways, with a large self-propelled saw. The saw is powered either by electric or diesel, with varying sizes of blades which allows us to cut anything up to 700mm in depth.

  • Dust controlled- water dampens down dust to suppress any dust to prevent it going airborne.
  • Can use inside or outside, even within the most challenging environments.
  • Can cover a vast amount of area in a small amount of time.

Track Sawing

Track sawing is used to make inverted, angler or flush cuts vertical or horizontal in masonry walls. The track saw is bolted onto the surface to be cut where the saw head travels along, with a blade attached up to 750mm in depths. The track saw is operated by remote controls.

  • Most effective way of forming windows or doorways.
  • Safe working distance for operator.
  • Minimum amount of workspace needed.
  • Petrol, diesel or electric powered to suit any environment.
Concrete sawing method: Floor sawing through a road using a walk-behind concrete saw - Work completed by KM Concrete Cutting Services
Concrete sawing method: Track sawing through a concrete wall complete by KM Concrete Cutting Services

Ring / Solid Sawing

Concrete Sawing Method: Ring/Solid sawing through a concrete floor completed by KM Concrete Cutting Services


In this method a hand held hydraulically powered saw head mounted with a diamond blade and powered remotely by a 3 phase electric power pack is used to cut a marked line in reinforced concrete or masonry. The cut is formed by the operator introducing the saw head to the material to be cut and forming a guide cut of approx. 10mm deep to achieve a straight cut. The operator then follows the guide cut gradually making the cut deeper in a series of passes until the correct depth is achieved. The ring saw, with its eccentric drive allows a cutting depth of up to of 260mm using a 350mm blade.


 A pre-cut is formed with a smaller hand saw which cuts to a depth of 150mm, then the ring saw is used to achieve full or required depths. This is ideal for cutting blockwork and brickwork mainly.

  • Very quick set up
  • Minimal remedial works
  • Dust free
  • Minimal HAV when operating
  • Good for restricted access
  • Lightweight
  • Depths up to 300mm achievable
  • Internal and external use

Wire sawing

Wire sawing is an effective method of diamond drilling, especially when access is a concern. It is a method that is ideal for masonry, steel, reinforced concrete and is perfect for almost any large concrete/masonry structure which may not allow many other options of cutting. Structures such as beams, bridges and columns. The wire saw can be used to cut through horizontal, vertical angled and has no HAV when operational.


A diamond beaded wire is threaded through a system of pulleys attached to a drive wheel. As the beaded wire cuts its pulled into the pulley mechanism and stored. A consistent pulling force is applied to the beaded wire enable it to cut through the structure. The wire saw can be powered by 3phase or diesel.

  • Can be used in concern access areas & confined spaces
  • No HAVS & low noise levels
  • Most materials can be cut
  • Can be used on large sections with almost any depth of cutting


Concrete Sawing Method: Wire Sawing through inaccessible concrete completed by KM Concrete Cutting Services