Concrete Bursting

For noise-free controlled Demolition

Concrete bursting is a quiet, efficient method of controlled demolition used to remove large concrete such as Foundations, Pillars, Concrete walls.

Holes are drilled in the structure and the burster head is inserted, which is then expanded by hydraulic power. Hydraulic pressure is provided by a motor, powered by electricity, diesel or petrol. The build up of lateral forces against the inside of the holes induces cracks in the concrete.

The cracking follows the plane of weakness created by the holes that were drilled previously. The process is repeated until the whole structure fractures into smaller sections and is ready for removal.


  • Removal of large concrete structures.
  • Quiet
  • No Vibration
  • Dust Free
Concrete bursting being performed to a concrete wall by KM Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete Crunching

An extremely efficient method of removing concrete without vibration or water. Jaws are applied to concrete. The process is repeated until the whole structure is removed.

This system is virtually emissions free avoiding noise, dust, vibration and water. Unlike concrete bursting there is no need for diamond holes to be pre-drilled and the resulting rubble is much easier to remove.

Due to the non-percussive nature of this process stuctural integrity is not affected and the quiet operation means minimum disruption. This technique is ideal for heavy jobs both on internal and external structures.


  • Fast and Efficient
  • Low noise
  • Dust-free
  • Suitble for Heavy Jobs